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Progressive Web Apps: Features & Benefits Of This New Platform

Just like various other things in our lives, the web industry is also continually evolving in the search of better solutions. You might have aware of fact that the mobile usage has increased tremendously and this trend would further increase in the future.

The changing trend in the market is pushing business owners to look for new ideas to meet the growing expectations of tech-savvy users. Nowadays, businesses are investing a lot to improve users’ experiences on different platforms. Here, comes the PWAs into the picture.


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWA is an incredible technology that has completely changed the way people interact with websites. Though this technology has been around for a while, now it is gaining huge popularity. ​ PWAs integrated the best features of the website with the best of the native apps, leading to an outstanding mobile user experience. PWAs are applications that are built with the technologies that we all know and love such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. But these apps feel like real native apps. PWAs are like normal web applications, but they have various other benefits such as access to device hardware, push notifications, and offline using features.

But what are native Apps? The Native App can be described as the software application built in a specific programming language for the specific platform of a device, like IOS and Android. PWAs are capable to send push notifications and ability to work without an internet connection. Moreover, they are built on modern APIs. In simple terms, PWA is a website that offers the benefit of application as well. The PWAs are faster, highly reliable, and quite engaging as well.

What Can PWA Do For You?

The PWA technology is rich in various powerful features, that let you experience various improvements in web experience. The PWA app helps website owners and website visitors as well. If you are a website owner, then you will observe increased conversion rates, increased organic traffic, the user would love to spend more time on your website, etc. On the other hand, if you are a user, then you will observe fast speed, and the ability to browse while you are offline. You will observe a better and smooth experience. PWAs will use fewer data and let you access the website with just one click.

Features and Benefits

The advent of PWAs has led to the shift in the paradigm, bringing along a collection of features ranging from subtle to radical. Every experience corresponds to an improved overall experience. The complete list of features and benefits is described below. Please take a look at the following points:

1. Instant Loading Time

According to the survey, websites that take more than 3 seconds to load can lose 53% of visitors. PWAs use Client-Side Rendering or CSR method to speed up the website loading speed. This new approach will transfer the content to the client’s browser by using JavaScript.

Rather than every time sending the entire HTML document from the server, the user will receive only a small string of data with a JavaScript file which will transfer the necessary parts of the page to the client’s browser. It would ultimately result in increased load speed of the website.

2. Offline Browsing

The “Offline mode” of PWAs is not a completely native offline experience. With the custom rules, the standard browser caching management can be overridden. Consequently, the cache storage would be independent of the remote server. If the drop-in connection is encountered, then the user can still browse. If you will press the Back button, then you observe the previously retrieved information rather than a 404 error. But the order would be processed only after restoring the internet connection.

3. Push Notifications

If you want to keep the web visitors engage for a long time and want to re-engage those who have visited the store but left the cart without checkout, PWAs can help with push notifications. If the Push Notification is alluring, then it will bring back the customers and ensure the conversion will increase by 4 times. With the help of Push Notification, you can inform users about the order progress, the latest news, etc. It is a new form of communication that would help you to make your brand a part of the user’s regular life.

4. Ready For App & Play Stores

Listing your app in app stores is just so that people can access it. It is one of the biggest reasons for investing in native app development for Android and iOS. PWAs can help you to get away from that need. Fortunately, we have technologies such as Trusted Web Activity​, which con convert a web tab into an application. You can easily convert any Progressive Web App into a native app in just a few hours. After that, it can easily be deployed in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store without any need to build the app from scratch.

5. Lightweight

PWAs are expertly designed to offer the best experience, especially to mobile users. Though the PWAs are rich in various alluring features, they are extremely lightweight and they can seamlessly operate on low bandwidths. I would like to recommend you compare Pinterest PWA with its Android and iOS app. You will observe that PWA is amazing and lightweight.

6. Home-Screen Save

There is one big advantage of PWAs over both applications or websites. PWAs allow your potential customers to add PWA directly to the home screen. It would make the PWAs quite quicker to deploy. It means that you do not need to bookmark a webpage or down an application from the play store. You will get the full native-app experience without any problems with coding. Once the web app is added to the home screen, then users do not even need to visit the browser. 

7. No Updates Required

Users do not like to keep updating their app because they consider it a liability. But PWAs do not require any kind of update because they are updating in real-time just like a website.  

8. Likability & Indexing

Just like any other website, PWAs also have URLs. These URLs are also crawled and indexed by search engines. It means that users can easily find PWAs in SERPs. If the load time is fast, then both the Search engine and users would be happy.

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