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Bot Traffic From Czechia And Seychelles: How To Deal With This Problem?

For the past few weeks or so, Google Analytics has been showing excessively high stats for several pages of different websites. Are you facing the same issue? If yes, then your web pages might be hit by spam traffic from Czechia and Seychelles.

Many people have been observing a quick surge in traffic spam from Seychelles and Czechia from the mid of August 2022.

Why Czechia and Seychelles?

Getting high-volume of traffic from Seychelles and Czechia is a kind of linked event. But there is no specific way to find out why it is generated from these locations. Seychelles is already known for the worst internet access. Now, the question arises why someone would be running a bot from that place. Many experts are saying that the bot traffic is coming from a different region, but it is showing the IP addresses of the Seychelles and Czechia.

Is Spam Traffic Will Affect the Ranking of My Website?

The spam or bot traffic coming from Seychelles and Czechia will not affect the performance of your Website’s SEO.

In simple terms, the bot traffic is not really bad for SEO. If the spam traffic is doing any kind of malicious activity on your website such as spamming, scraping content, etc., then it can be problematic for you. But it is not the case in this scenario. It is looking like unusual, consistent receiving spam traffic from two regions in Google Analytics.

The best thing is that we can get rid of this problem easily. There are some workarounds that can help in solving this problem.


One of the workarounds includes following some steps in Cloudflare.  

  • Log in to Cloudflare and choose the domain
  • Visit Security > WAF
  • Name rule
  • Country = Czech Republic OR Seychelles
  • Managed Challenge
  • Deploy firewall rule

Filter To Google Analytics

A person on Reddit has also suggested adding a filter to Google Analytics. It will help to avoid traffics from Seychelles and Czech Republic. It may hit your Cloudflare, but it won’t create a nuisance.


Finally, you can also implement a ReCAPTCHA filter on the traffic coming to your website from Czechia and Seychelles. It will help you to block spam and bot traffic. The bots will not be able to automatically fill the CAPTCHAs and you can protect your website from fake traffic.

Final Words

In case, your website is affected, then you can implement the above-mentioned techniques to fix this problem.

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