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Top 10 Content Marketing Tools To Create High ROI Content

Content Marketing Tools


Content marketing tools are software programs, platforms, and resources that help businesses create, publish, distribute, and analyze content for marketing purposes. These tools can range from content management systems (CMS) and social media management tools to email marketing platforms and search engine optimization (SEO) tools. The main objective of these tools is to help businesses plan and execute their content marketing strategies more effectively. By using content marketing tools, businesses can streamline their content creation and distribution processes, improve their content quality and reach, and ultimately drive more traffic and conversions to their websites.

Some Facts

Content marketing is ruling the world of digital marketing. Stats are clearly proving this statement.

  • Report published by Statista on 24 Feb 2023, states that revenue generated by the content marketing industry in the year 2022 was approximately 63 billion U.S. dollars.
  • Also, it is expected that the number will increase to 72 billion in 2023 and would reach 107 billion after 3 years.

Now, it is clear from these numbers that all marketers should incorporate content marketing strategies to survive in this cut-throat competition. But, to generate ROI with content marketing strategies, it is important to create valuable and trendy content posts.

But how?

Quick Summary: In this article, we explore the “Top 10 Content Marketing Tools To Create High ROI Content.” These tools have been carefully selected to maximize return on investment (ROI) for content marketing efforts. By utilizing these powerful resources, marketers can effectively generate compelling and impactful content, bolster their online presence, attract a larger audience, and achieve greater success in their content marketing campaigns.

Creating Trendy Content Posts

A powerful strategy is imperative to create internet-worthy content. Failing to do so will make your content lost somewhere in the exorbitant number of content uploaded every day by thousands of users. Want to stand out? The solution is here.

Out-Of-The-Box Ideas

You need to bring something different to the table to attract your targeted customers. Look for different ideas that people want to listen to, watch or read.

Fresh & Helpful Content

By producing informative, up-to-the-date, and relevant content, you can keep your targeted audience engaged. Because you are offering them what they are looking for. You can help them by providing helpful content.

Wise Content Distribution

But just producing admirable content will not be led to victory. You have to make it reach your targeted audience. For that, you need to choose the right time for publishing it along with the right platform. Publish where your audience is already present. Make sure that the source you have chosen is authoritative and receives a huge volume of traffic. Use tools Like Moz to check DA and traffic on the website. 

In short, planning and using the right approach before doing content marketing is crucial for the success of your campaign. This is where CONTENT MARKETING TOOLS come in. Along with planning, they also help in making your efforts fruitful and efficient.

Here, we will discuss what are content marketing tools, the top 10 content marketing tools, and how these tools can help you get high ROI.

Top 10 Content Marketing Tools

Do you know that content consumption has increased by 207%? It is a huge number. It is time to gear up your strategy and produce content for your business promotion. Using the right tools can make your approach 3X more effective and accelerate the number of leads. Want to know what kind of content marketing tools are helpful to make your plan effective? Here, I am going to create a list for you:

1. Search Keywords By Using SEMrush

Content marketing starts with Keywords Research. You can’t start writing unless you do not know which keywords to target. SEMrushtool is here to help you find the best keywords according to your niche. Once you have the best keywords that people are using to find products or services related to your niche, then you can tailor your content strategy for success.

Three steps to finding the best keywords

  • Enter the seed keyword (a big keyword related to your niche that will act as a pillar to find the associated keywords) in SEMrush keyword’s magic tool. Also, choose the location that you want to target.
  • After selecting the keywords, you need to analyze them based on two metrics: SEARCH VOLUME and KEYWORD DIFFICULTY. To know about these metrics, read Keyword Difficulty: what is it and how to measure it for choosing the right keyword.

For example, by entering “boot dryer” as a seed keyword in the keyword’s magic tool, I got various suggestions along with the search volume.

SEMrush Tool for searching keyword

With this, you have completed your first step and get ready for the second one.

With the help of trending content, you can bring engagement, shares, and comments to your targeted customers. How can you tap into trending content before your competitors? It seems like a challenge.
With Buzzsomo, you can be the first to know what is engaging your targeted audience. It will give you a competitive edge and you can stay ahead of your competitors. You need to enter the keyword in the search bar of Buzzsumo and you will get the trending topics.

Enter Keyword In Buzzsumo to find trending topics related to keyword
Trending article topics shown by Buzzsumo after entering keyword

3. Organize Your Brainstorming With XMind

All writers maybe agree with the fact that every time coming up with new ideas is quite challenging.

It is a good idea to develop a strategy to show your creativity through your writing. Keeping your ideas organized is key to the success of writing a creative article. There are various ways to do it, but my favorite using Xmind for mind mapping.

Xmind allows you to create visual diagrams of your ideas and how they are connected. It helps in creating a post that is highly informative and useful for readers.

Do you know that cluster content is an important part of the content marketing strategy? In this strategy, you chose one main topic called pillar content and various other subtopics which are related to pillar posts. Pillar content is connected with other posts, forming a cluster.

Xmind helped to create a visual diagram with center content as pillar content and the rest of other surrounding topics are sub-content and how they are connected with the main content.
Now, you know how Xmind helps organize your ideas and come up with outstanding content.

Example Of content cluster strategy created on Xmind tool

4. Stay Organized With Trello

Do you know that top companies like Udemy, CRED, and StackShare are using Trello? Trello, a project management software is the best way to manage a team and stay organized. This tool is also helpful to make your content marketing strategy effective and fruitful.

Content marketers have to handle multiple content requirements and juggle them. Staying organized with multiple content projects is a tedious job.

 Trello can make content management easy for content marketers. When you open Trello, then you will find out there will be some lists given on the workspace along with cards. You can add lists as per the requirements.

Each list has its cards and you can name them as per your plan.

Here, I am showing an example of staying organized with Trello. I have given list names as Article Name, Status, Published. Further, I have added cards to the lists.

Organization with Trello

5. Edit Content With Surfer SEO

Want to make your content rank high in SERPs? You need to optimize your content to hit the mark. Otherwise, all your efforts would be futile.

Surfer SEO tool is here to make your content highly optimized to bring more and more views. Content Score- this factor will tell you how well your content will perform after publishing on an online platform. On a scale of 0 to 100, you need to get a maximum score for optimizing content.

Follow the suggestions given by the Surfer SEO tool and get ready to see the best results.

Along with optimization, Surfer SEO has various other exciting features like a content planner, content editor, keyword restore, audit, etc.  

In short, surfer SEO helps to make the most of your time by helping you in writing a worthy piece of content.

6. Design Beautiful Images With Canva

When your words are integrated with visual representation, then it is easy to convey your information in a better way. Thus, adding alluring and informative pictures to your content can make your post engaging.

Users leaving your post immediately without reading will be the last thing that any content writer wants. Thus, keeping readers hooked up at every step is imperative.

An attractive picture can do it very well.

But, you may be thinking that you are a writer and not a designer. You don’t need to be a designer to create graphic designs on Canva. This tool has made the graphic designing process very easy.

7. Track Performance With Google Analytics

Once you have completed your article and posted it on your website, then how to find out whether it is performing well or not? Monitor the performance of your post with the help of Google Analytics.

This tool helps you to find out how many users clicked your posts. Also, it tells the demographic of the visitors, along with the time they have spent on your post. This data is sufficient to tell whether you have achieved your target or not.

Revolutionize Your Content Game With Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing tools are like a Swiss Army knife for marketers, providing them with a multitude of features to simplify and enhance their content strategies. From ideation to optimization, these tools are the secret weapon for crafting engaging content that captures attention and drives conversions.


What is ROI in content marketing?

Return On Investment (ROI) in content marketing can be described as the metric to analyze the result of your content marketing strategy.

How do you create high-ROI brand content?

To create content that can bring conversions, you need to follow 5 rules:

  • Set up clear goals
  • Choose the right distribution channel
  • Create valuable content as compared to your competitors
  • Be consistent in publishing content
  • Measure results with the Google Analytics tool

Do I have to use content marketing tools?

Yes, all content marketers should invest in content marketing tools to stay ahead of the competitors and level up the results.

Let’s take an example: I want to create and publish 50 articles in the coming 3 months. 

 I will create Lists: Article Name, Status, Published, and Published Date.

Now, I will further add cards to each list and it helps me to stay organized. In addition to this, you can add labels to the cards to make the filtration process super easy.

Not just help in content management, but also help to keep various team members on track. Content marketing in companies is the team’s responsibility. Therefore, a team of writers and digital marketing analysts work together. Thus, keeping everyone on track is very important to achieve objectives and avoid miscommunication. Trello allows you to bring your team member on the same sheet and accelerate the productivity of your business.

These are some basic features of Trello. To know more, you can sign up for Trello and find out more interesting ways to make content management quite simpler and easier for you.

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